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Cymru Gold Welsh Gold Traditional and Celtic Wedding Rings
The Welsh gold used in all the featured Cymru Gold Traditional Welsh gold Wedding ring's and Celtic Wedding rings,
court wedding rings and D shape wedding ring's is from the last remaining stocks of Welsh gold mined from Gwynfynydd Mine, Dolgellau. Wedding rings have always been the requirement and enduring symbol that show the status of marriage for everyone to see and acknowledge for hundreds of years. Wedding rings can be plain or very intricate patterns of wedding ring but everyone will have a pattern and style of wedding ring in mind when considering buying a Welsh Gold wedding ring.

Wedding Rings are purely personal and so there are a vast amount of differing patterns of wedding ring's to choose from. To help you we have broken down some of the various patterns and styles of wedding rings into categories so that you can fully appreciate what wedding ring might be right for you as a wedding ring or just a ring for everyday wear.

It is also worth noting that some of these wedding rings can be worn informally as every day rings and not just for use as wedding rings.

Welsh Feature Hallmark
Wedding Rings

D Shaped
Wedding Rings

 Court Shaped
Wedding Ring

CYM is a makers mark for Cymru Gold. Each of our wedding rings is also stamped by the Assay Office with the dragon mark to denote the presence of pure Welsh gold within the wedding ring. We have welsh feature hallmark wedding ring's with either the CYM mark or both the CYM mark and Dragon mark on the outside of each Welsh Gold feature hallmark wedding ring.

D Shaped Wedding Rings are rounded on the outside of the ring and flat on the inside. Better suited to very busy hands as the ring suck to the wedding ring finger and harder to remove or lose. D Shaped wedding rings in White, Yellow and Rose gold are very affordable Welsh Gold wedding rings.


Welsh Gold Court Shaped Wedding Rings or Comfort shape wedding ring's as they are sometimes known are rounded inside and outside and are one of the most comfortable and popular style of wedding ring. Court shaped wedding rings are easier to remove than D shape wedding rings.

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Wedding Rings
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Celtic Inlaid
Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings

Inlaid Wedding ring bands are now so popular as Wedding rings or just to wear as an everyday ring that we have given them a page all of their own. These are not just for use as wedding rings but can be worn as an ornamental Celtic ring each and every day.


Celtic type wedding ring bands have become very popular in recent years for use as Wedding Rings and add the flavour of being Welsh or Celtic to the Wedding Ceremony. They are also popular for everyday wear rather than Wedding ring's.


Free engraving is only available for D Shape Wedding ring's only and up to a maximum of ten letters including spaces and is a lovely surprise for the one you give it to, especially on your wedding day.


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Cymru Gold Hallmarks
The British Government checks all precious metals to confirm the quality of the gold used. The marks that are used inform you of the gold purity, maker, date and Assay Office


Ring Profiles

Cross Sections of the wedding rings available


  375 for 9 carat Gold  

D Shaped wedding Rings are rounded on the outside of the wedding ring and flat on the inside. These wedding rings are made to suck on to the wedding finger of the most industrious hands making it harder to lose


  750 for 18 carat Gold      

  The metal is checked at an Assay Office which adds its own mark. The Rose is the mark of the Sheffield Assay Office  

Court Shaped wedding Rings or Comfort shape as they are sometimes known are rounded inside and outside and make it easier to remove and place your wedding ring.


  The letter corresponds to the year of manufacture      

  CYM is the makers mark, Cymru-Y-Metel      

  Each of our Welsh Gold wedding rings is also stamped for us by the Assay Office with the Dragon Mark to denote the use of rare Welsh Gold in its traditional alloy.      


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