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Welsh Gold Jewellery Crafted in Wales

Picture of Welsh Gold Rings
The hand crafted, made in Wales, Welsh gold used in all the featured Welsh Gold jewellery is from the last remaining stocks of Welsh gold mined from Gwynfynydd Mine, Dolgellau in Wales, when under the control of Sir Mark Weinberg. At this time enough gold was mined in Wales for a one kilogram bar of pure Welsh gold to be presented to the Queen for possible use in future Royal Welsh Gold wedding rings made in Wales. Sadly this mine, the last of the producing Welsh gold mines in Wales, closed in 1999, making the remaining stocks of Welsh Gold even more rare and more precious. For all these products, a small quantity of the remaining stocks are independently blended into gold alloys by one of Europe's leading bullion merchants. Each beautiful hand-crafted piece is a modern treasure, worthy of our Celtic ancestors and is guaranteed to contain rare Welsh gold in its traditional gold alloy and hand crafted in Wales. Each piece carries the exclusive Cymru Y Metel and Welsh dragon stamps alongside the Assay Office Hallmark - your guarantee of quality and content. Steeped in tradition and worked by craftsmen in Wales with stringent quality control at each stage of manufacture, Cumru Y Metel Welsh Gold jewellery can be truly said to incorporate a little piece of Wales in the heart of each and every
Welsh Gold wedding ring, Welsh Gold pendant, Welsh Gold charm and brooch produced.

Welsh and Celtic Wedding ring picture
Welsh and Celtic Wedding  Rings
Welsh Gold Celtic Cross picture
Celtic Crosses
Welsh Gold Pendants picture

A fantastic collection of traditional
Welsh Gold wedding rings and
Celtic wedding rings incorporating Welsh Gold hallmarks and made in Wales.
Celtic wedding rings and Inlaid wedding rings are more popular than ever and can be worn as everyday rings and not solely as wedding rings

Something for that special person in your life, from our stylish collection of
Welsh Gold Celtic Crosses made in Wales. Celtic crosses remain one of the best sellers in Welsh gold pendant jewellery.


Here you'll find the stylish simplistic Welsh Gold Cross pendant, mingling with the traditional Welsh Gold Dragon pendant, Welsh Gold Feather pendant and
Welsh Gold Daffodil pendants all made in Wales

View Welsh Gold Wedding Rings View Welsh Gold Celtic Crosses View Welsh Gold Pendants

Welsh Gold Lovespoon picture
Welsh Gold Charms picture
Charming Charms

Welsh Gold Bangle and Bracelet picture
Bracelets Bangles Necklaces

The Welsh Gold Lovespoons Celtic knot work, beautiful and intricate in its twists and turns has the significant quality of having no beginning and, like love itself, no end. Hand crafted in Wales

Charming Welsh Gold charms which include all the favourites like the Harp charm, Welsh Feathers charm, Miners Lamp charm and Rugby Ball charm all made in Wales

From plain expanding bangles to beautiful bracelets and Necklaces in yellow and Rose Welsh Gold and made in Wales


View Welsh Gold Love Spoons

View Welsh Gold Charms View Welsh Gold  Bangles, Bracelets ,Necklaces

Cymru Gold Collections

Snowdon Welsh Gold Range Link
Snowdon Collection
Cariad Welsh Gold collection link
Cariad Collection
Welsh Gold Tree of Life collection link
Tree Of Life Collection

Mount Snowdon's majestic profile is transformed into a range of Cymru Gold rare Welsh Gold jewellery including the Snowdon wedding rings, pendants and earrings all handcrafted in Wales


Welsh Gold Cariad Pendants. Cariad wedding Ring and Cariad Earrings featuring gorgeous gemstone jewellery which spell out the word Cariad which means Love in Welsh. A beautiful gift for the one you love and all made in Wales


Yggdrasil is The Tree of Life. In the "Time before Time" this mythological tree was believed to link the mortal and immortal worlds. This design inspired by the wondrous tree, has been used to combine red and yellow welsh gold which, like the tree itself, combines strength and beauty. Hand crafted in Wales

View Welsh Gold Snowdon Collection

View Welsh Gold Cariad Collection

View Welsh Gold Tree of Life Collection


Welsh Gold Dragon collection link
Welsh Dragon Collection
Welsh Gold Daffodil collection link
Daffodil Collection


The Welsh dragon is the most notable of all
the emblems in Wales. Welsh Gold Pendants. Rings, Earrings, Brooches  and cufflinks all feature in our traditional Welsh Dragon collection. In combinations of Yellow and Rose gold and all made in Wales

Another notable emblem of Wales is the Daffodil. Welsh Gold Daffodil Pendants. Daffodil Rings, Daffodil Earrings, Daffodil Brooches all feature in our traditional Welsh Daffodil jewellery collection. Combinations of Yellow and Rose gold and all made in Wales

View Welsh Gold Dragon Collection

View Welsh Gold Daffodil Collection


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